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Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy​

Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

We, as Munibumbag value your privacy and your personal data.

Accordingly, this Clarification Text (the Clarification Text) is drafted for the purposes of informing you, our clients, suppliers and business contacts, regarding your rights and obligations as per the Personal Data Protection Law and its secondary regulations (KVKK).

1. Why We Process Your Personal Data

We process, store and transfer your personal data in order to:

• Conduct our business activities,
• Contacting you and replying to your complaints and inquiries,
• Ensure the security of our website,
• Organize your request regarding your orders/purchases, and delivering these to you,
• Accurately handle finance and accounting,
• Conduct communication services,
• Ensure business continuity,
• Handle and track legal matters,
• Execute product/service/production operations,
• Handle purchase orders for products/services,
• Ensure compliance with relevant regulation and comply with requests from authorities.

2. To Whom We Transfer Your Personal Data and Why?

We transfer your personal data in accordance with the purposes noted above at section 1, to the following domestic parties:

• Authorized governmental bodies and institutions,
• Our business partners,
• Our suppliers,
• Private and public legal entities,
• Our consultants

3. Methods Used for Collecting Data and Legal Justifications

We collect your personal data via automatic means either in full or partial, and in physical and oral form for the purposes of any online purchases that you make and/or our business relationship.

We hereby process, store and transfer your personal data for the below noted legal reasons and if:

• Explicitly stated by the legislation
• Deemed necessary to process personal data of the parties to a contract, provided that it is directly related to the formation or execution of such,
• Deemed necessary to process your personal data in order for the Company to fulfill its legal obligations,
• Such personal data is disclosed to public by the data owner,
• Deemed necessary to process personal data to establish, exercise or protect a right,
• Deemed necessary to process personal data as per our legitimate interests, provided that such processing does not infringe your fundamental rights and liberties.

4. Rights of the Data Owner

In order to exercise your rights noted below, you can submit your requests to us via the methods shown at Section 5 of this Clarification Text. Accordingly, you have the right to:

• Be informed whether your personal data is processed,
• Request information regarding your processed data,
• Be informed on the purpose the processing of your data and whether your data is used in line with such purpose,
• Be informed on the third parties, either domestic or abroad, to whom your data is transferred to,
• Request corrections in cases where your personal data is processed in an incomplete or incorrect manner,
• Request the deletion and/or destruction of your data,
• Demand your request of deletion and/or destruction to be forwarded to third parties in cases where your personal data is processed in an incomplete or incorrect manner,
• Object to any outcomes detrimental to you arising out of explicitly automatic analysis of your personal data,
• Request compensation for damages sustained due to unlawful processing of your personal data.

5. Methods of Application of the Data Owner

You will need to fill out the Application Form for you requests/demands concerning your rights regarding your personal data, as noted below.

You can submit your requests regarding your personal data rights:

• In written form or via registered e-mail account (KEP), safe electronic signature or mobile signature, or
• Via the same e-mail account that you provided to us before, which is registered in our system, or
• Via a software or application designed specifically for such application procedure.

You applications regarding personal data rights must contain the following:

• Name, surname and signature (if the application is submitted in written form),
• Turkish ID number for Turkish citizens, and nationality, passport number or ID number (if available) for foreigners,
• Home or business address suitable for submission of notices,
• Phone number, fax number and e-mail address if available,
• Subject of the application and demand.

The Company reserves the right to request additional information and documents for proof of identity.

Your request and demands shall be answered within 30 days as from the date of receipt of your application, and free of charge, provided that the Personal Data Protection Board does not charge an additional fee. If your request is approved, it will be processed as soon as possible and communicated to you.

You can submit your Application Forms electronically to [email protected] or via post in physical for to Maden Mah. Kuğu Cad. Pera 2 Konakları H/11 Blok No:21.

Data Supervisor: Serra Çullu

Address: Maden Mah. Kuğu Cad. Pera 2 Konakları H/11 Blok No:21Sarıyer/İstanbul

Contact: [email protected]


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Serra Çullu

Maden Mah. Kuğu Cad. Pera 2 Konakları H/11 Blok No:21 Sarıyer/İstanbul

[email protected]