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Pre Contract Information Form

Pre Contract Information Form

1. Parties of the Agreement:

Title: Serra Çullu
Address: Maden Mah. Kuğu Cad. Pera 2 Konakları H/11 Blok No:21 Sarıyer/İstanbul
Tax office: Sarıyer
Tax number: 2650493121

Name/Surname, Title, if any:

2. Subject of the Agreement:

This Pre-Contract Information Form is automatically drafted to inform the BUYER on the details of the purchase ordered from the website with the address https://www.munibumbag.com, whereas the Subscriber shall be required to approve the Distance Sale Contract for the relevant purchase of the goods or services, as per the Regulation on Distance Contracts. This Form and the Distance Sale Contract shall be recorded and saved for the duration set forth at the legislation and the Subscriber may, at any time, access these documents via https://www.munibumbag.com. Furthermore, all Pre-Contract Information Forms and Distance Sale Contracts drafted separately for each separate purchase made by the Subscriber shall be submitted to the Subscriber via e-mail.

3. Information Regarding Goods And Delivery

Type, amount, model, number, sales price, payment method of the goods purchased is given below:

Code of the Products

Number of Products Purchased

Unit Price

Total Sales Price

Total including Value Added Tax






In case the courier company doesn’t have a branch at your delivery address, the product needs to be collected from the closest branch of the courier company that we will specify to you.

4. Delivery of Service, Execution Place of the Agreement, Method of Delivery and Delivery Conditions:

In case the product(s) mentioned above are in stock, these products will be given to the courier company in 5 business days to be sent to the delivery address of the Buyer. Apart from that, the delivery of the product in legal maximum delivery time of 30 days will be deemed as delivery on time.

If, for any reason, the goods for the purchase cannot be charged/deducted or the payments are cancelled or the payments do no reach Https://munibumbag.com due to a technical reason, the Munibumbag shall not be liable to deliver and provide the service.

Munibumbag shall not be liable for any late or deficient performance or non-performance of any of its https://www.munibumbag.com obligations in circumstances beyond Munibumbag’s control and/or circumstances noted as force majeure at the Turkish Code of Obligations and/or unexpected circumstances and/or dissolving conditions such as malfunctions in the systems directly or indirectly constituting the technical infrastructure of the service, interruptions, malfunctions, speed drops and similar issues and interruptions in internet connectivity, security issues, general power outages, adverse weather conditions, war, terror acts, embargos, natural disasters, fire, flood, state of emergency, cyber attacks, virus infections of electronic devices, revolt, strike, temporary or permanent banning/blocking or otherwise limiting broadcasts or internet accesses. Such and similar circumstances shall not be deemed as late or deficient performance or non-performance by Munibumbag and the Buyer shall not be able to claim any compensation for such.

5. Right of Withdrawal:

The Seller guarantees that the Buyer has the right to reject the goods or the service within 14(fourteen) days from the date of the delivery or the signature of the contract without undertaking any penal or legal responsibility and without showing any reason and to withdraw from the contract and that the Seller will take the goods back from the date of the arrival of the withdrawal declaration to the Seller. The declaration of withdrawal right and similar declarations regarding the contract belong to the Seller and they may be sent through the Seller contact information channel specified above.

For the purpose of using the right of withdrawal, it is obligated to make a declaration to the Seller within this period in accordance with the legislation provisions. In case of using the right of withdrawal:

The return of the goods delivered to the Buyer or to the third party with the above information is obligatory.

The goods that will be returned within a period of 14 (fourteen) days will be delivered complete and undamaged along with their boxes, packages, standard accessories if available, other products presented along with the original goods if available. Within 10(ten) days following the use of the right of withdrawal and the arrival of information, the price of the goods is returned to the Buyer in the way that the Buyer made the payment. While the goods are returned to the Seller, the original invoice sent to the Buyer during delivery must also be returned. Return shipping cost belongs to the Seller.

Pursuant to distant sales contract, our customers have the right to withdraw within 14 days in purchase procedures carried out on https://www.munibumbag.com . Goods altered or ordered as special orders (goods with changed dimensional sizes, with special writings on them due to wishes of our customers) cannot be returned. The goods to be returned must be completely undamaged and unused. Products that have been scratched, damaged or physically modified in any way or whose structure and texture have deteriorated shall not be returned under any condition. After our experts have inspected the product, the return process is initiated if no damage or deterioration is detected. For the procedures of return and exchange, the order number and the demand for return/exchange must be sent to [email protected] e-mail address with its reason for withdrawal. Procedures to be followed in the case of the realization of exchange and return conditions are only carried out for the goods purchased on https://www.munibumbag.com. The packages, certificate, label and invoice, promotions, if available, of the product to be returned must be sent together with the product.

6. Personal Data Protection

The Munibumbag may, in connection with Https://munibumbag.com subscriptions, process, transfer, store, classify and profile the Buyer’s personal data via the Munibumbag or the call center in accordance with Clarification Text set forth at the website with the address https://www.munibumbag.com and the Law on Personal Data protection No. 6698, in order to provide the relevant services, to improve service quality and to provide content better suited to the Buyers needs. By agreeing to the terms of the Distance Sale Contract, The Buyer shall be deemed to have consented to the process, transfer, storage, classification and profiling of the personal data. The Buyer, with the title “Data Subject”, shall have the right to be informed whether its personal data is processed, be informed on the purpose of the such processing and whether the data is being used accordingly, be informed on the third parties with which Munibumbag, as the receiver of transferred data, is in business with, to request corrections in cases where my data is processed in an incomplete or incorrect manner, to request corrections in cases where data is processed in an incomplete or incorrect manner, request the deletion and/or destruction of data in accordance with the legislation, demand such request of deletion and/or destruction to be forwarded to third parties in cases where my personal data is processed in an incomplete or incorrect manner and to object to any outcome detrimental to the Buyer/Data Subject arising out of the explicitly automatic analysis of such data. The Buyer may demand such complaints and requests arising out of Article 11 of the Low on Personal Data Protection from Munibumbag electronically via the address [email protected], in written form or via other means set forth by the Personal Data Protection Board. The Clarification Text that sets forth the rights regarding such complaints is published at the address https://www.munibumbag.com

Https://munibumbag.com shall process and resolve requests submitted by the Buyer regarding the processing, transfer and/or storage of personal data, free of charge and within 30 (thirty) days at the latest depending on the nature of the request. In order for this duration to commence, the Buyer shall need to submit the relevant claim to Munibumbag either in written form or via other means set forth by the Personal Data Protection Board. In case the request is denied, insufficiently answered or is not answered within the given time-frame by Munibumbag, the Buyer may, within 30 (thirty) days from receiving the reply and in any case within 60 (sixty) days, submit a complaint before the Personal Data Protection Board.

7. Protection of Personal Data and Privacy

The privacy conditions, rules/policies noted below shall be applicable for the protection, privacy, processing and usage of data on the internet website of the Munibumbag and for contact forms and other issues.

The necessary precautions for the safety of the information and transactions inputted by the Buyer into the Munibumbag, are taken by Seller within the infrastructure of the System and in accordance with the current technical capabilities available depending on the nature of the information and transaction. However, since such information is entered into the system by the Buyer via the Buyers own device, the Buyer shall be liable to take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of such information and prevent unauthorized access to such, including precautions against viruses and other malware.

The Buyer hereby accepts and declares that it has given it’s explicit consent to Seller to transfer and share the personal data entered into the Munibumbag for the relevant purchase, as well as the information obtained from the Buyers membership and purchases over the system, with the payment processing company Payu Ödeme Kuruluşu A.Ş approved by BDDK, in order to process the payment for the relevant purchase, and that all information regarding such payment shall be shared with this payment processing company. Such information may be disclosed to relevant authorities and Courts in accordance with the legislation.

8. Applicable Law and Competent Courts

Law of the Republic of Turkey shall be applicable and the competent courts shall be Turkish Courts to all disputes arising out from this Agreement. Within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, Provincial or District Consumer Arbitration Committees located at the domicile of the Buyer shall be authorized for disputes at or below the threshold published annually by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, whereas the Consumer Courts located at the domicile of the Buyer shall be authorized for disputes above such thresholds.

9. Miscellaneous

In case of order cancellations and Contract termination, including cancellations allowed by the Contract and laws, the product price, if collected, shall be refunded to the Buyer through channels according to the method used for payment of product price and this repayment shall be made within maximum 14 days. For example, if the payment was made with a credit card, the refund shall be transferred to the Buyer’s credit card and the Product price shall be returned to the respective bank within the same period following the order cancellation by the Buyer; when the Seller returns this amount to the bank, the process of transferring it to the Buyer’s account depends on the bank and the Seller shall not be responsible for any delays arising from such incidents that are out of its control (the banks generally transfer the refund to the Buyer’s account within three weeks).

The Seller has and reserves the rights of set-off, rebate and discount, as allowed by the Contract and laws, over the amount to be returned to the Buyer. If the Contract is terminated by the Buyer because of non-performance by the Seller; the Buyer has and reserves its legal rights.

The Buyer can use the foregoing channels to report its Product and sales related requests and complaints to the Seller verbally or in writing. We, as the Seller, will be pleased to handle all kinds reasonable and justified request, complaints and applications of our Buyer. If the conflict cannot be resolved in this way, the Buyer can apply to the Provincial and District Consumer Arbitration Committees having jurisdiction in the place of its residence or Seller’s residence (place of residence) if the claim is within the monetary limits determined and announced by the Ministry of Customs and Trade every year and the Buyer can apply to Consumer Courts if the claim is above these limits.

If approved by the Buyer, this Form of Preliminary Information, which is an integral part of the Distant Sales Contract, provides information about all matters including the primary features-properties of the Product/Products subject to the sales, sales price, payment terms, delivery operations and right of withdrawal as well as personal data-electronic means of communication.

All statements and information in this Preliminary Information are binding as of the Buyer’s approval on https://www.munibumbag.com and, if accepted, they shall be binding with the Distant Sales Contract executed by and between the Seller and Buyer.